Powder coating over Liquid Painting, 5 reasons

5 Reasons to Choose Powder Coating Instead of Liquid Paint

In recent years, powder coating has become a popular method in the world of construction and DIY. The reason is that this product guarantees a large number of features and advantages when used, making it very easy to choose among the other products that can be found in the market.

Do you want to know why it is better to choose the powder coating before the liquid paint? We tell you which are the main advantages of this product!

Why is powder coating better than liquid paint?

Powder coating perfect finish over metal pieces

Perfect finish

The powder coating is applied by electrostatic attraction to the surface of metal objects. When the product dries, the surface on which we paint does not have irregularities or bubbles.

Unlike liquid paint, whose application usually leaves imperfections, the powder coating guarantees a uniform finish and covers even the most difficult access areas.

Longer duration

Liquid paint usually loses color intensity after a while. In addition, it is very sensitive to climate changes or those caused by any external agent.

By contrast, the powder coating provides greater durability and better efficiency, as the coated piece will be more resistant to corrosion, to environmental impacts and, in general, to normal wear, not to mention that it will retain its color and shine for longer.

Powder coating over many metal pieces


Liquid paints are composed of highly toxic, carcinogenic and flammable chemicals. Therefore, these products can represent a great danger if they are not managed properly.

By contrast, powder coatings are usually volatile organic compound (VOCs) free products and do not contain solvents, which means that they are harmless to our health and they are non-flammable.

The powder coating is eco-friendly

We told you in the previous point that liquid paints usually contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds, besides being dangerous if not handled properly, are highly polluting.

Powder coating is not only the most efficient alternative to conventional paint, it is also the most eco-friendly. Not only its components are not aggressive to the planet, but the excess dust can be recovered and reused.

Lower costs

Finally, among the main reasons to choose the powder coating instead of liquid paint is basically saving. With this product you can reduce the operating costs of any work without sacrificing quality.

Powder coating is a product that can cover larger surfaces than traditional paint and is easier and faster to apply, therefore, it represents lower costs in both materials and labor.

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