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Know the Basics of Liquid Painting Process

When it comes to choose what products to buy, consumers claim durability, high quality and also an excellent finishing. As coating specialists, Phoenix Metal Finishing offers to the clients all of this mentioned characteristics. We also work with different materials on process like powder coating, sandblasting and liquid painting, adapting them to client’s needs.

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All of these techniques complement each other, that’s how we get perfect finishing in all surfaces.  Each one has advantages that makes it beneficial for some cases. So, let’s get to know the basics of the liquid painting process.

Why is the liquid painting technique an excellent option?

Liquid painting is compose by additives, pigments and resins that play a role in the application process. Additives cover the smallest portions of the surface which is very important in the finishing effect and also prevents from UV radiation damages. The base liquid or solvent, which is almost the largest part of paint composition, is usually water. Liquid painting release a little amount of organic particles during the application, which is a wide different from powder coating.

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An advantage of the liquid painting technique is its color changing capacity. Its composition mix and dissolve quickly, which makes more flexible color combination and natural drying.

Contrary to powder coating, the liquid painting technique offer by Phoenix Metal Finishing can be applied on big assembled structures. In order to get perfect finishing, it is necessary to evaluate pieces to paint in order to determine the most convenient painting to use.

The reason why applying the correct coating

Any of the techniques used for covering metals and other pieces, using liquid painting or powder coating, play an important role on the appearance, functionality and durability of each. The number of coats will depend on the desired thickness to get protection and coverage.

All surfaces must be perfectly clean at the moment of applying liquid painting. Due to this, pieces have to pass through some process such as Sandblasting, that uses a special tool for blasting a pressurized abrasive material in a controlled manner, or Solvents application, that help to prepare surfaces by giving more adherence for painting.

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For faster finishing and more efficient production cycles, liquid painting process is ideal. Its cost is accessible because it does not require lot of equipment and long drying process. That’s why it is beneficial for long, big or assembled pieces that cannot be dried in the oven.


Ask to professionals about the pieces you want to restore. At Phoenix Metal Finishing we help you to choose the ideal painting technique to get the perfect finishing you want.

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