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Benefits of Sandblasting to Restore Your Surfaces

Sandblasting is one of the best solutions for treating surfaces. The process will transform and restore your product to a smoother and cleaner finish. Many people use sandblasting for removing old paint or to give a professional finish to the surfaces that will be further processed. At Phoenix Metal Finishing Inc., we want to share with you some benefits of sandblasting to restore old pieces and rusty surfaces.

Knowing the Benefits of Sandblasting Services

Rusty Metal Fence

Have you ever considered rejuvenating and restoring your areas and other old articles?. We offer blasting services at Phoenix Metal Finishing Inc., that will both renovate and give your chandeliers, furniture, doors, and many other pieces a smoother and more delicate finish. Whether you need to remove welding impurities, paint, clean metal pieces, wood, glass finishes, even machinery or auto parts, they can be restored by using our sandblasting process!

Almost any material can be more easily processed in the future after sandblasting, because the surface is much cleaner and this maximizes adherence and anchoring for new finish coats.  Sandblasting also helps to remove and prevent corrosion and rust on any rigid surface, including metal, iron, steel and glass that may be affected by oxidation.

Another great benefit of sandblasting at Phoenix Metal Finishing Inc., is that the process is simpler and less laborious than doing it manually, considering large areas and materials such as glass, wood or metal. If you are planning to restore pieces for blacksmith work, our sandblasting service is an excellent option to optimize results and save time.

This process is not toxic and there is no waste that might contribute to environmental pollution, which guarantees the safety of our clients and workers.  Additionally, machines, auto parts, furniture, doors, gates, and rails are some projects that can be restored by our sandblasting service.

At Phoenix Metal Finishing Inc., we offer a versatile service including a wide variety of uses. Our trained workers perform the work and will always achieve a perfect finish of any surface!

How Does Sandblasting Work?

Sandblasting man

Choosing what you need to renovate is the only thing you have to do and we will take care of everything else. An abrasive and granulated material will be shot at high speed using compressed air to get a clean and smooth finish on surfaces such as wood, glass, iron, steel, and others.

We at Phoenix Metal Finishing Inc., in California, offer an effective process and excellent results! If you need to improve the appearance of a rusty door, rails, wood, furniture, or gates, don’t hesitate to contact us to guarantee the quality and functionality of your surfaces.

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  • Charlotte Fleet Reply

    I am glad you provided this information on the benefits of sandblasting. It is good to know that sandblasting is a nontoxic solution. I’d recommend hiring a professional for any sandblasting needs.

    November 15, 2021 at 9:51 pm
    • admin Reply

      Hi Charlotte. Thanks for your comment!

      December 8, 2021 at 5:47 pm
  • Luke Smith Reply

    I like that you mentioned how sandblasting could help remove and prevent corrosion and rust on any rigid surface, including metal, iron, steel and glass that may be affected by oxidation. I saw how sandblasting was used in a TV show last night and it made me quite interested in how the process works. From what I’ve gathered afterwards, it seems there are even companies nowadays that provide services for installing sand blast rooms.

    December 8, 2022 at 5:58 am
  • Eve Mitchell Reply

    Thanks for mentioning that commercial sandblasting is a lot less work than manual blasting. I have a metalworking studio, but it’s horribly dirty and sad. I’d really like to invest in sandblasting to help clean off all the machines.

    August 11, 2023 at 7:08 pm

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