Metalizing Prevent Corrosion

How Does Metalizing Help Prevent Corrosion?

Today, metalizing is one of the most widely used processes to prevent corrosion and rusting.  It allows to recover and protect surfaces with a very thin, but dense, metal coat. Some studies estimate only a two year lifetime for metals without any protection. For this reason, there are new methods to increase durability by protecting metals such as steel. Phoenix Metal Finishing Inc., offers the metalizing process as an alternative to protect your pieces.

How is Metalizing Accomplished?

Metalizing is a type of coating that uses molten zinc thermal spray on the surface of different pieces to create a thin, smooth, and perfectly finished cover that provides anticorrosive protection, better appearance, and better quality. At Phoenix Metal Finishing Inc., we perform the metalizing process using molten zinc, which is perfect for coating steel pieces and is considered one of the most versatile metals for preventing corrosion for many years.

SandBlast & Metalizing Pre, rusty bench

The Metalizing Process Against Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the most common problems that can affect metals that are surrounded by water, chemical, or atmospheric agents that change the properties of metals. This results in material weakening, superficial damage, and sometimes even complete metal destruction.

Long-term protection for your metal pieces such as plumbing pipes, processing tools, or gates can be as important as using a screen protector on your phone. At Phoenix Metal Finishing Inc., we guarantee to avoid damage to gates, doors, rails, machinery or auto parts that constantly suffer exposure to the environment by preventing white and red rust stains.  

Most of the metalizing coats are known by their adherence capacity to the surface of any structure. They help to avoid metal scaling or cracking. An electrochemical process is performed in which a less noble metal, such as zinc, in this case, creates a physical barrier that will protect the steel from corrosive attacks that could damage it.

Weather changes and humidity are other factors that make outdoor pieces more vulnerable. The galvanizing process creates resistance and helps to maintain its appearance. No matter what type of environment surrounds the material you want to protect, the metalizing service offered by Phoenix Metal Finishing Inc., can help you to keep steel as intact as possible for the longest period of time. It will fortify and increase its durability with minimum signs of wear and excellent function.

SandBlasting & Metalizing Post, Metalized Bench

Do not hesitate to contact us to answer your questions, clear your doubts, and obtain more details about the metalizing process that will guarantee the useful life of your metal pieces or structures.

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